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The best bog mats

At VM Group we sell and rent the best bog mats or crane mats in the market. We develop and produce our crane mats entirely in-house. We take care of you from ordering to delivery. Always to your satisfaction.
  • We understand how you want to use the bog mats
  • We deliver quickly through our own production lines
  • We have the transport in our own hands
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That's why bog mats from VM Group

You have a job to do. Installing bog mats is then a secondary issue. We will take care of that side issue for you. We carry out projects worldwide from offices in the Netherlands and Germany.

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Large stock

Buy or rent dragline mats? With our own production we make the strongest and most durable mats and ensure sufficient stock.

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Attention to detail

Do you need beveled edges? That is standard on the short side. We also offer various types of hardwood partitions. Such as Azobe, beech, oak, greenheart or a mix.

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Delivered quickly

We can deliver faster due to the combination of a large stock of wood and a high production capacity. We are happy to supply a big nats with the name of the owner.

Product information

We can supply our VM Bog Mats to any specification, because we make them ourselve.

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 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10 of 12 meter


1 to 1.5 meters


10, 15, 20, 25 or 30 cm


  • Milled 45° corners and edges for longer life
  • Short sides painted in company colors
  • Your company name, logo and serial number
  • Up to 1.5 meters wide for extra stability
Types of timber:
About our types of timber
  • Azobe
  • Beech
  • Okan
  • Dabema
  • Greenheart
  • Oak
  • Wood mix
All technical details

Why choose bog mats from VM?

Choosing VM Group for bog mats means benefiting from fast delivery and flexible transport options. Our ability to provide tailor-made solutions, from ex-factory to delivery directly to the project, makes us unique. We can supply any desired number of bog mats, not only within Europe, but worldwide.

Our strengths are our extensive wood stock and high production capacity, which allows us to always meet customer demand. In addition, VM Rental, our leading sister company in bog mats rental, offers reliable alternatives for delivery challenges. All this makes VM Group a reliable and versatile choice for all your bog mats needs.

Sharp prices
Own import and in-house production
Delivery from stock
A solution for every sector

VM Group has been helping contractors with the timely and safe delivery of infrastructure projects for almost 100 years. In the Netherlands, but also far beyond.

We help with various infrastructure projects, including:

  • Construction sector
  • Maritime industry
  • Events industry
  • Energy and utilities companies
  • Industry and mining

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