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Fumigated Bog Mats

A special request, but no problem for us. Custom-made solutions are achievable. An international client asked us if we could supply bog mats custom-sized for fumigation. Read more about the delivery and process.

Custom-made fugimated dragline mats

We recently received a special request for an export shipment. We are proud to report that it was a great success! Our 100% Azobé Bog Mats are specially made to fit perfectly in a sea container. Customization? No problem for us!

They are precisely tailor-made for export, where they are placed directly in the sea container upon loading. After a careful fumigation process, these bog mats are now ready to travel around the world. The destinations? Including Taiwan, Australia and the United States. We are proud to be able to deliver our products with such a wide reach, all thanks to the flexibility and precision of our team.

Verschillende Afmetingen Mogelijk

What is fumigation and why do you do it?

Fumigation is a process in which gaseous pesticides, or fumigants, are used to kill harmful organisms such as insects, fungi and bacteria. This process is mainly used to treat materials that are exported, such as wood, food products and textiles. The aim is to prevent the spread of pests and diseases across borders, which is especially important in international trade.

Fumigation helps maintain the quality and safety of goods during long periods of transportation. With wood, such as the Azobé bog mats mentioned in your project, fumigation is applied to ensure that no living pests are present that could violate the import regulations of the receiving country. Many countries have strict import regulations to protect their local ecosystems from non-native species that can be harmful.

The fumigation process allows companies to demonstrate that their products meet these international standards, which is essential for smooth and hassle-free imports. Given our international experience, we are happy to contribute to this, as our processes are tailored to this.

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