Bog Mats

Getting the most out of hardwood

Just like all other bog mats, ours are made from hardwood. Even though this timber is grown sustainably, we believe that we should get as much as possible out of it. We therefore make the mats as strong as we can, which means they can last up to 3 times longer.

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Different Types of Hardwood Mats

Our hardwood is of high quality, guaranteed to meet legal regulations for sustainable harvesting. We carefully select hardwood for our bog mats based on durability, hardness, and practical use. This ensures our mats perform well in handling and deployment. We offer a variety of sustainably produced wood types, including:

Interested in a cost-effective mix? We can combine the most durable Azobe for outer edges with another wood type of your choice to meet your specific needs.

Types of Wood

Whether you're looking to buy or rent bog mats, quality is always assured with us. Our mats are constructed from hardwood. There are European hardwoods such as Beech and Oak, and tropical hardwoods like Greenheart and Azobe. European hardwood is often used when price is more important than lifespan. Tropical hardwoods have different grades, with Azobe and Greenheart (both D70 class) offering the longest lifespan. If you have questions about the differences, wood types, or production, feel free to contact us; we're happy to explain.

Types of Hardwood Mats

Hardwood mats encompass all hardwood types, including Azobe, Mahogany, and even Walnut. Hardwood bog mats are made from wood that grows slower than softwoods, resulting in higher density and load-bearing capacity. Our hardwood mats can support loads up to 6000 kilograms.

  • We deliver quickly through our own production lines.
  • We handle transportation internally.

Alternative Wood Types

A good alternative to these wood types is Okan. Okan is similar to Azobe, classified as D50. This type of wood is increasingly used in mat construction because it's more readily available, including in longer lengths. Using Okan wood for bog mats provides a robust solution at a lower investment.

Additionally, other wood types like Red Fongoe, Wamara, and Dabema are also interesting alternatives. The beam size plays a crucial role in determining which wood type is most economical.

We also produce bog mats from a blend of different wood types, which can be a smart choice. We are here to advise you on the best combinations and solutions.

We are happy to advise you on the best combinations and solutions.