Our Bog Mats Are Made out of Only Sustainable Timber

Getting the most out of hardwood

Just like all other dragline mats, ours are made from hardwood. Even though this timber is grown sustainably, we believe that we should get as much as possible out of it. We therefore make the mats as strong as we can, which means they can last up to 3 times longer.

Common types of timber

Mats are made from hardwood; European hardwood such as beech and oak, and tropical hardwood such as greenheart and azobe. European hardwood is often used when the price is more important than longevity. There are various grades of tropical hardwood, with azobe and greenheart (both class D70) having the longest lifespan.

Alternative types of timber

Okan is a good alternative to these types of timber. Okan is very similar to azobe: class D50. This type of timber is already regularly used for mat construction, because it’s easier to obtain (also in longer lengths). A dragline mat made from this type of timber results in a high-quality product at an affordable price.

However, other types of timber, such as red fongoe, wamara and dabéma, also have useful properties. With these types of timber, the most economical choice depends on the size of the beam.

We also manufacture dragline mats made from a mix of different types of timber. These can be a smart choice! We’ll gladly advise you on the best combinations and solutions for your specific need.