We are a supplier for infrastructure projects and carry out assignments as agreed at absolutely competitive prices.

We produce draglinemats, are a rental company for draglinemats and steel road plates. We work entirely to ‘customers’ wishes combined with our knowledge. We do this throughout Europe.

In the Netherlands we are also active in environmental projects such as soil surveys, soil and asbestos remediation, and project safety. We are also active as a building material supplier with sand and granulates.

As a project supplier, we are often directed by the client, but we also independently execute projects or deliver parts turn-key.

Our character is

  • “Strong” because we offer solidity in terms of product, but also when realizing and completing the assignment
  • “Fast” because we deliver at the time that suits you and deal with matters quickly
  • “Expert” because we are very experienced in our field of work and work with professionals
  • “Dedicated” we realize what has been agreed
  • “What you see is what you get” no frills, no surprises, open and transparent

This is what we are and how we feel. You can hold us to this.


VM group is started in 2019 from a merger between H. Van Meekeren BV end Solid infraservice BV. The basis for the company was laid in 1935. VM group provides a solid foundation for its customers. As a company we stand for solid solutions that meet customer requirements.

VM Group is particularly active for clients within Europe. The customer group is very diverse and varies from private individuals to multinationals and includes both companies and governments.

We have a pioneering role in the areas in which VM group is active.


We are Nearby

The work is managed from various regional support points in the Netherlands and Germany. Namely Groningen, Heerenveen, Scheemda, De Lutte, Hattem and Emsbüren, Recklinghausen and Hamburg. We work throughout Europe every day.

For further information, explanation or advice you can contact us via our number in the Netherlands +31 (88) 011 87 87 or our German number +49 (421) 577 80 69 or by mail info@vm-group.org