Vm Depot Bouwhekken Rijplaten Draglineschotten

If you need it done

We are VM Group. We’re specialists in making sure your infrastructure project runs smoothly. How? By letting you arrange all your road plates, building site fencing, dragline mats, building materials, and environmental investigations in a single phone call. Consider it done.

What we do

For almost 100 years, we’ve been renting out road plates and dragline mats, manufacturing dragline mats, buying and selling building materials, making sure workplaces are safe, conducting environmental studies, remediating soil, and removing asbestos.

We’re involved in projects in which we take complete care of the installation of road plates and/or dragline mats. This includes logistics and setting up the building site with equipment such as site huts, bridges, fencing, lighting, etc.


VM Group was established in 2019 following a merger between H. Van Meekeren bv and Solid infraservice bv. The foundation for the company was laid much earlier, in 1935. VM Group provides a solid footing for its customers.

Active throughout Europe

Most of VM Group’s customers are in Europe. The customer base is very diverse, ranging from private individuals to multinationals, and includes both companies and government authorities.

Support centres in the Netherlands and Germany
The work is organised in various regional support centres in the Netherlands and Germany, namely Groningen, Heerenveen, Scheemda, De Lutte, Hattem, Emsbüren, Recklinghausen, and Hamburg.

Active throughout Europe