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Dabéma bog mats

A bog mat made of Debéma wood is a sustainable timber species. Debéma mats are used to support heavy machinery such as cranes and provide stability on uneven or soft ground. Our Debéma wood used for our bog mats is sourced from West Africa. This wood is renowned for its impressive durability and strength, which are essential for its application.

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Applications of Okan Bog Mats

Our Okan bog mats are used in the following sectors:

  • Construction
  • Environmental
  • Maritime industry
  • Wind energy, energy, and utilities
  • Industry and Mining

This wood species is popular due to its versatility. It is also a tropical wood species that we offer. You can traverse heavy and large cranes, excavators, and bulldozers on it without significant bending or breaking. This is crucial for safety and efficiency on the construction site. In wet and heavy conditions, Okan wood is a reliable choice.

Benefits of Dabéma

Dabéma wood is a popular choice when it comes to timber species, especially for bog mats. Here's a brief list of why we believe Dabéma wood is so suitable:

  • Longevity: Due to its high density and hardness, Dabéma bog mats have a long lifespan, even under demanding conditions such as roads, damp environments, and heavy use. They withstand moisture, fungi, and insects well.
  • Environmentally friendly: Our wood comes from sustainably managed forests. This ensures that new Dabéma trees are always replanted.
  • Easy to transport and install: Dabéma bog mats are easy to transport and install. Dabéma wood experiences minimal shrinkage, providing stability and saving time on construction sites, allowing large machinery to be immediately placed.
  • Dimensions: Available in various dimensions, you can determine the right length and thickness in consultation with us. This ensures you always have the best size without overspending.

How to Recognize Dabema Wood

Dabema wood can be identified by its yellow to golden-brown color, which may turn redder over time due to exposure to outdoor air/sunlight. If Dabema wood is frequently exposed to rain (moisture), it can emit a characteristic unpleasant odor.

It is characterized by its coarse texture with an interlocked grain. Dabema is used for:

  • Sliding doors, garden posts, harbor work, and bridge foundations due to its exceptional durability and strength.
  • Dabema is extremely weather-resistant, barely shrinks, and is not prone to rotting or insect damage, making it ideal for hydraulic engineering and wet areas.
Characteristic (yellow) brown color

Product information

We can supply bog mats made from Dabema wood in the following dimensions.

Draglineschot Vm Group


4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10, or 12 meters


1 to 1.5 meters


10, 15, 20, 25 or 30 cm


  • Milled corners and edges at 45° for longer lifespan
  • Your company name, logo, or serial number
  •  Short sides painted in company colors
  • Up to 1.5 meters wide for extra stability

Why Dabema Bog Mats from VM

Choosing VM Group for bog mats means benefiting from fast delivery and flexible transport options. Our ability to provide customized solutions, from factory direct to on-site delivery, sets us apart. We can supply any desired number of mats, not only within Europe but worldwide.

Our strengths lie in our extensive wood inventory and high production capacity, allowing us to consistently meet customer demand. Additionally, VM Rental, our leading sister company in mat rentals, offers reliable alternatives in the face of delivery challenges. All these factors make VM Group a reliable and versatile choice for all your bog mat needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Dabema Bog Mats

Is there a difference between Dabema mats and Dabema bog mats?

Dabema is chosen for its high strength, durability, and resistance to moisture, rot, and insects. These properties make it ideal for use in heavy and demanding environments.

How long do Dabema bog mats last?

Due to the natural durability of Dabema wood, bog mats can last for many years, even under harsh conditions and frequent use. The exact lifespan can vary depending on the conditions and how well they are maintained.

Is there a minimum rental quantity for Dabema mats?

You can also rent our Dabema mats. Fill out our quotation form, and you will receive a suitable offer from us within 3 days. The rental price depends on the length and quantity. Our Dabema mats are typically one and a half meters wide and vary from 4 to 12 meters in length.

Can you provide me with an estimate of the price for Dabema mats?

Dabema mats come in various price ranges. This depends on whether you want to rent or buy, if you want thick Dabema mats or thin ones, and the length also plays a role. Therefore, we cannot give a fixed price directly on our pages. Do you want to know the price for your project? Feel free to contact us or fill out the form below. We will give you the best price within 3 days. For You.