Always a solid foundation

We are VM Group. Supplier for infrastructure projects
  • Rental of steelroad plates and draglinemats
  • Sales of draglinemats
  • Trade in building materials
  • Workplace safety
  • Environmental research
  • Remediation of soil and asbestos

We are specialized in conducting projects throughout Europe. Our regional bases are spread over the Netherlands and Germany.

Competitively priced
Fast delivery

WE are vm group

We are a supplier for infrastructure projects and carry out assignments at absolutely competitive prices. VM group provides a solid foundation for its customers. As a company we stand for solid solutions that meet customer requirements. VM Group is particularly active for clients within Europe. 


  • Can you advise us?
    We are happy to advise on what is suitable for you. This can be done by telephone, but we can also come to visit you and record the situation with you.
  • Can you send us an offer?
    We are happy to send you a offer, you can contact us via the contact form, email us or call us.
  • Do you also offer projects?
    We realize projects in which we fully take care of the installation of the steel road plate and / or draglinemats tracks, including the logistics and construction site layout such as units, bridges, lighting, etc. We do this in the Netherlands and far beyond. The project is carried out as a project with the appropriate organization.
  • Do you have experience in petrochemicals and industry?
    We deliver daily to customers in the petrochemical industry, but also for the electricity supply industry and construction. We stand for safe working and are familiar with the safety requirements at the various locations.
  • Why should we choose a draglinemat of VM mats?
    We produce the highest quality draglinemats at reasonable prices. This is of course a bold statement. Why can we say that? Pre-sorting, processing and permanent quality control in the current production chain are a guarantee of good and safe quality. These processes are important for sustainability. The procedure in production e.g. that we remove less wood at the drill holes for the steelrods, so that the draglinemats remains more stable. In sensitive areas we do not saw the wood, but the wood is milled, this considerably reduces the risk of damage, and we also round the corners so that impact damage when picking up the draglinemats is reduced. We also make draglinemats with a width of up to 1.5 meters. Our 1.5 meter draglinemat is more stable due to its large load distribution, reducing the risk of damage to the matt. We realize that not only the quality counts, but also the price. We will therefore always make competitive offers that match our business model. Moreover, we can deliver quickly because we have large quantities of wood in stock. In short, if you want to buy a VM-mat draglinemat, we always work this out together with you because we want to deliver.