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Do you need road plates, bog mats, or building site fencing? Just one phone call, and we’ll make things safe for you without delay. Arrange everything in one go with VM Group.

  • Rental and sale of road plates and bog mats
  • Delivery and collection of building materials
  • Environmental surveys
  • Remediation of soil and asbestos abatement
If we say we’ll do it, we do it
Fast delivery
No frills

Your side issue is our main business

You’ve got your own work to worry about, so leave the installation of road plates, bog mats, and building site fencing in our safe hands. We carry out projects worldwide from our branches in the Netherlands and Germany.

Bog Mats

Bog Mats

Interested in buying or renting bog mats? We make the strongest and most durable ones around.

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Plastic or Steel Roadplates

Road plates

Plastic or steel road plates in every thickness, width, and length. Delivered rapidly for a low price.

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Infrastructure Services

Infrastructure services

We also supply building materials, such as sand, soil, and aggregates, all in accordance with our certification and competitively priced, of course.

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And what we are proud of

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100 years of experience

VM has been helping contractors deliver their infrastructure projects safely and on time for almost 100 years, both in the Netherlands and far beyond.

  • Various regional support centres in the Netherlands and Germany
  • If we say we’ll do it, we do it
  • How and where you want it
  • Fast delivery
  • Competitive prices
  • No frills