Rapid Delivery Vm Rental

Rapid delivery

We can deliver faster thanks to our combination of large stocks of timber and ample manufacturing capacity. We prefer to supply dragline mats with the owners’ names on them, so we maintain a limited stock of ready-made mats. 

We discuss with you how you want the mats delivered; ex works, on project, or any intermediate method. We can deliver anything from a single mat to any desired quantity, across Europe, the Middle East and far beyond.

We hold a large stock of timber, but it’s not infinite, so you do need to ask us about availability. If there’s still a problem with delivery, we can always offer you a suitable solution through our sister company VM Rental. VM Rental is the global market leader in the rental of mats, so you can always rely on getting what you need delivered. 

Transport? Consider it done

We have in-house expertise in both land and sea freight, so you can rely on us to handle shipments all over the world.

Ex works or carriage paid
VM supplies dragline mats ex works or delivers carriage paid to the customer's location. For ex works deliveries, our role in the project is limited to supporting the customer. In the case of carriage paid delivery to the customer, we both manufacture the mats and provide transport for the customer. In consultation with you, we take care of the shipping and customs documents for your freight independently.

Conditions and liability

The agreed conditions are applicable to the transport of VM Mats. Unless expressly agreed otherwise in writing, the terms and conditions of the carriers and forwarders used are applicable.

VM Mats’ role is limited to organising transport. This excludes all liability for transport, other than the conditions of the carriers and forwarders. The conditions of the carriers and forwarders are the usual conditions used in transport.