Franz Bracht Kraan Op Draglineschotten Hero

Various deliveries for Franz Bracht

Franz Bracht has been a satisfied client for several years where we have been able to supply bog mats for various projects. We have received some beautiful images, we have to share them with you.

Who is Franz Bracht?

Franz Bracht Kran-Vermietung GmbH is a well-known and respected company in the crane rental industry. With more than 50 years of experience, the company has grown into one of the largest providers and is known for its professionalism and reliability in moving heavy components.

Franz Bracht has approximately 220 cranes with lifting capacities ranging from 7 to 1,600 tons, and the company employs approximately 670 expert employees.

Projecto photos

Creating an underpass in the Duisburg region

Draglineschotten Treinproject

Demolition work in the port of Duisburg

Franz Bracht Kraan Op Draglineschotten

Deployment in the Dortmund region

Franz Bracht Draglineschotten Dichtbij

Demolition of bridges in the greater Recklinghausen area

Draglineschotten Platform Franz Bracht 2

Groot-Osnabrück wind farm

Draglineschotten Windpark Osnabr

Frans Bracht 2

Examples of applications of our dragline mats

  • For Franz Bracht, the bog mats are mainly necessary to distribute the load over the surface. They are robust and easy to lay and load with a crane or telescopic forklift.
  • The bog mats are 5.0 m x 1.0 m x 0.2 m and are mainly used on crawler cranes in the 600 to 800 ton class.
  • More than 1000 pieces in use

Other bulkheads are used for heavier material

  • Where these are no longer sufficient, we use the 8.0m x 1.0m x 0.2m in combination with the 5m excavator mats.
  • The bulkheads are combined with the steel load distribution plates for telescopic cranes and lattice cranes to achieve a larger support surface or height compensation of the terrain.