Vm Transport Depot

Sand supplied according to our certification

We’ve been supplying sand from our own sand extraction site in Heerenveen to various customers in the Northern Netherlands for many years, all according to our certification, of course. Fast and reliable delivery to your location. Contact us to find out how we can help you.

Throughout the Northern Netherlands

We can supply sand from our depot and sand extraction pit in Heerenveen throughout the Northern Netherlands. Reliable and fast, and of course according to what we’ve agreed with you. Just one phone call, and consider it done.

Different types of sand

We supply the following types of sand:

  • Sand for sand beds
  • Sand for embankments
  • All grades of drainage sand
  • Sand for sports fields
  • Forest sand

Most of our sand comes from our sand pit next to De Dolten in Heerenveen. As you’d expect, this is carried out according to our certification (production certificate EC-IZG-00003 since 23 June 2008 NL BSB Sand, grain class A).