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Why our bog mats are better

We have 100 years of experience, so we know exactly what you need from bog mats. No bog mats were available anywhere on the market that were good enough, so we developed our own mats.

 You can buy or rent VM Bog Mats from us.

The best Bog Mat on the market

A VM Bog Mat is significantly better than a normal mat:

  • Less wear (friction) thanks to tight-fitting connecting rods
  • No splitting at the access ramp thanks to milled corners
  • Less damage thanks to milled edges 
  • More stability due to extra width of up to 1.5 metres
  • Mats don’t go missing, because your company name is on them
Tight-fitting connecting rods

Our mats remain neatly in shape, as the connecting rods keep the beams of the bog mat together. It’s therefore very important that the connecting rods fit the drill hole without any play, so that the beams can’t move relative to each other. 

Beams break less quickly
The forces are better distributed, so the individual beams are subject to less load and less likely to break. The beams have to bear considerable loads, so if the mat remains flat on the substrate point loads are avoided. 
A neat fit also extends the mat’s service life. Less wood is removed, which greatly reduces the chance of the beams splitting.

Product information

We can supply our VM Bog Mats to any specification, because we make them ourselve.

Bog Mats 4   12 Meters


 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10 of 12 meter


1.00, 1.15 of 1.25 meter 


10, 15, 20, 25 or 30 cm


  • Milled 45° corners and edges for longer life
  • Short sides painted in company colors
  • Your company name, logo and serial number
  • Up to 1.5 meters wide for extra stability
Types of timber:
About our types of timber
  • Azobe
  • Beech
  • Okan
  • Dabema
  • Greenheart
  • Oak
  • Wood mix
All technical details
Milled corners and edges

VM Bog Mats are machined by milling only. This prevents splitting, as the fibre structure is terminated gradually.

Longer life span
Rounded corners extend the mat’s service life. Milling the corners to round them off also gives a neater appearance and reduces the risk of splinters. The corners of mats are very vulnerable and easily damaged. Pieces of wood can also break off if corners begin to splinter

Neat, unbroken, and splinter-free bog mats are also treated more carefully. 

1.50 metres width for more stability

The standard width of mats from other suppliers is 1 metre. VM Group produces Bog Mats up to 1.50-metres wide in series. 1.5-metre wide mats are more stable thanks to their higher load capacity and weight, which makes them less likely to twist or lift. And stability is exactly what you need from a mat.

An additional advantage is less chance of damage during work, and less handling costs. It’s also quicker and cheaper to install a mat lengthwise, as fewer mats are required.


Your company name and serial number

It’s important that you can prove that bog mats are yours, in fact financiers or insurers may demand this. However, it’s also just nice to show that they’re your property. VM Group therefore places a serial number and your company name with up to eight characters on every mat.

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