We’ve been experts in dragline mats for 100 years. These are also called wooden mats, bog mats, or azobe mats. 

    Why VM dragline mats are the best:

    • Produced and developed in-house
    • That's why they're stronger, more stable, and last longer
    • All thicknesses, widths and lengths available
    Why our VM Draglinemat?
    The best draglinemat

    We can rely on 100 years of experience, so we know exactly what you need from dragline mats. No mats were available anywhere on the market that were good enough, so we developed our own.

    3 reasons why our dragline mats are better:

    • They are more stable and safer. They are 1.5 metres wide, instead of the usual 1 metre.
    • They wear less thanks to better fitting connecting rods.
    •  They are less vulnerable to damage thanks to the rounded corners.
    We produce our own draglinemats
    Our secret? Fast delivery and in-house transport

    We can always deliver your dragline mats quickly from our own factory. We maintain a large stock of timber and have plenty of manufacturing capacity, so a large stock of ready-made mats is unnecessary. In addition, we prefer to supply our dragline mats with your company name on them. VM Group has its own transport service for delivery all over the world.

    If we say we’ll do it, we do it
    Fast delivery
    No frills

    Product information

    We can supply our VM Dragline Mats to any specification, because we make them ourselve.

    Info Product

     4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10 of 12 meter


    1.00, 1.15 of 1.25 meter 


    10, 15, 20, 23 or 30 cm

    Types of timber:
    About our types of timber
    • Beech mats
    • Oak mats
    • Azobe mats
    • Greenheart mats
    • Mixed timber mats 
    Buy or rent?

    You can buy or rent VM Dragline Mats. Our VM Rental Department is actually the global market leader in the rental of dragline mats. Thanks to our own production line, we can deliver very quickly.

    • We understand exactly what you want and need
    • We deliver quickly, as we have our own manufacturing facilities
    • We have our own transport 
    Only sustainable timber

    Feel free to ask us for advice on which type of timber and thickness is suitable. The best combination depends to a large extent on your situation, which is why we use different types of timber and timber compositions for our dragline mats. 

    • Beech mats
    • Oak mats
    • Azobe mats
    • Greenheart mats
    • Mixed timber mats 

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