Rent Building Site Fencing

Rent building site fencing

Do you want to rent building site fencing to install around your building site? We deliver building site fencing quickly on site. We can also arrange installation if desired. It means you can arrange everything in one go.  Very handy and efficient.

About delivery and transport
Our construction fences

Our building site fencing panels are 3.50 metres long and 2 metres high. If desired, we can also provide these with fabric to make them opaque. Our fencing panels are supplied with plastic feet and clamps. The fencing is delivered to the building site in racks. We can also install the fencing if required by the customers.

  • Length 3.50 meters and 2 meters tall
  • With a privacy screen (optional)
  • Incl. plastic feet and clamps
  • Delivered to the construction site in 
  • Install the fences yourself or let us do it