Vm Solid Milieu Grondonderzoek


VM provides knowledge and employees for work in accordance with the CROW 400 publication, the asbestos removal decree, and BRL1000, BRL2000, BRL6000, and BRL7000.

Our roots are in the building industry, as is clear.

Finding the right people is often difficult. Promises are broken all too often. This is where we differ. If you rely on us for your projects, it’s something you’ll quickly notice. We only provide highly experienced employees who are trained in the world of contracting. These people know what has to be done. They don’t stand on the sidelines in a project because their task is safety. No, they participate in full, and enjoy their work as a result.

Our people work either independently or together with the customer’s employees to make sure the workplace is safe. We do this on a project-by-project basis throughout the Netherlands. Our starting point is; how can we complete the project as professionally and as simply as possible, and how can we maximise the value we bring to our customer.

Available disciplines

We have employees available in the positions of

  • Specialist Asbestos Supervisor (DTA)
  • Specialist Asbestos Remover (DAV)
  • Specialist Soil Project Supervisor (DLP)
  • Senior Specialist Soil Project Supervisor (DLP-R)
  • Senior Safety Experts (HVK)
  • Environment Supervisor (MKB, BRL 6000)
  • Quality Officer (KVP, BRL 7000)