Maatwerk Draglineschotten Van Grinsven

Successful custommade bog mats for Van Grinsven

A successful project with Van Grinsven Kraanbedrijf, we exceeded market competition by supplying custom-made, high-quality crane and bog mats for their cranes. Our commitment to quality and service proved to be the key to success in this challenging and successful project.

We recently completed a successful delivery of bog mats for Van Grinsven, a renowned crane company. Van Grinsven looked for durable and reliable bog mats that could serve as a temporary stamping station and approach route for their cranes.

Financial challenge and solution

The initial challenge was price competition. Van Grinsven initially thought our prices were too high. After an informative conversation with the customer, we learned that the big difference is in the types of wood used. Our 100% Azobé bog mats were different from the other quotation. These partitions are offered and made of azobe/okan wood.

We distinguish ourselves by consistently delivering high quality. We want to offer the best dragline mats in the market. Normally our bog mats are made with five azobe beams, while some competitors mix wood types to reduce costs.

In our telephone consultation we explained the benefits of our approach and the superiority of our material. This approach paid off: the customer was convinced by our explanation and placed an order.

We have supplied dragline chocks that are completely tilted at 45° and engraved, with serial number and company name.

Gekante Draglineschotten Voor Van Grinsven

Maatwerk Draglineschotten Van Grinsven

Project details

The first part of the project involved the supply of two types of bog mats. Delivery went smoothly, which led to a second order. This second order consisted of thinner 10cm bog mats, used for heavy racks. These bog mats were adapted to the specific needs of the customer: they had no lifting openings, marks or chamfers.

Eikenhouten Draglineschotten Voor Opslag

Draglineschotten Als Ligger Bij Van Grinsven

Successful delivery = satisfied client

Thanks to our commitment to quality and service, we have not only won a new customer, but also built a long-lasting relationship. This project underlines our commitment to providing customer-specific solutions and our flexibility in meeting the unique requirements of our customers. For each other.