Vm Solid Milieu Grondonderzoek

Soil inspection

We conduct various types of soil inspections. Government authorities often request a soil inspection to determine the environmental quality of soil.

This can be soil that requires a clean soil certificate. We also have to deal frequently with batches of soil that have to be delivered or removed in a manner which requires us to draw up a batch inspection or AP04 inspection. We do this work throughout the Netherlands.

NEN5740 survey

VM Solid’s soil surveys are conducted in accordance with NEN5740. In practice, this is often referred to as a “clean soil certificate”. The soil investigators conduct both exploratory and additional investigations.

The drillings are carried out by recognised samplers in accordance with BRL-SIKB 2000.

  • Protocol 2001 (Placing hand drills and monitoring wells)
  • Protocol 2002 (Taking groundwater samples)

Sometimes, an investigation reveals the necessity for remediation. VM Solid is experienced in drawing up BUS notifications (notification of simple soil remediation) and conventional remediation plans. We handle the contact with the customer and the competent authority. Our background as a contractor means that we are in a good position to remediate soil in a cost-effective, practical way.

Batch inspections

Our customers move large amounts of soil every day. To do this legally, it’s important to know the soil quality. VM Solid conducts inspections of batches of soil in accordance with BRL-SIKB 1000.

Sampling is carried out by a recognised sampler according to the associated protocol.

  • Protocol 1001 (Sampling for inspections of batches of soil and dredged material)