Draglinemats are built from hardwood. A distinction can be made between European hardwood such as Beech and Oak and tropical hardwood such as Greenheart and Ekki. The choice for European hardwood is often made when the price plays a major role while a shorter lifetime is no problem. Tropical hardwood has different gradations, Ekki and Greenheart (both class D70) having the longest lifetime.

We only use sustainably produced wood

Okan is a good alternative to these types of timer. Okan is slightly different compared to Ekki class D50. This type of word is already used regularly for draglinemats construction. The reason for this is that the wood is easier to obtain (also in longer lengths). A draglinemat made of this timber gives a good mat for a limited investment. But other types of wood such as Red Fongu, Wamara and Dabéma are also interesting. For this type of timber, the beam size determines which is the most economical.

We also make draglinemats from a mix of different types of timber. VM mats will advise you which solution is most suitable for you. VM mats can do this objectively because its business operations are based on the efficient purchase and construction of draglinemats and not on the earning of wood.


We are happy to advise our customers about the right product, this can be done by telephone or on location. You can contact us by our number in Germany +49 (421) 577 80 69 or our number in The Netherlands +31 (88) 011 87 33 or by e-mail: mats@vm-group.org