VM Rental rents out draglinemats. We rent from one mat to large quanities or long tracks. Another name for draglinemats is Ekkimats.

We have a wide range of mats in all thicknesses, widths and lengths. The draglinemats are made of hardwood and are well maintained straight and clean. For clients who so wish, there are also partitions with use of tracks. We rent draglinemats in the following sizes:

  • Fully hardwood:
    Length: 3 up to and including 12 meter
    Width: 1 or 1,5 meter
    Thickness: 10 till 30 centimeter
  • Wood combined with steel:
    Length: 5 up to and including 12 meter
    Width: 1 meter
    Thickness: 10 till 30 centimeter
  • Fully steel:
    Length: 7 and 8 meter
    Width: 2,2 meter
    Thickness: 30 centimeter


For assignments or further information you can contact our schedule. The planning for the Netherlands and other countries can be reached via telephone number +31 (88) 011 87 00 or by mail via planning@vm-group.org

Application of a dragelinemat

Draglinemats are used for various purposes. The goal is always the same; protecting the subsurface against the activity above and / or making the subsurface accessible for the activity above. In many cases has a mat a dual function.

 Some examples are:

  • Application as a work floor to prevent peak loads on the substrate
  • Temporary supply, discharge and access routes
  • Hardening where more grip is needed for wheels and / or crawling machines
  • Carrying heavy pile drivers, cranes or constructions
  • Protection of unloading quays
  • Protection of ship decks when transporting heavy loads

The use of draglinemats promotes safety with regard to the load on the substrate. Draglinemats are the foundation for the construction project. The disadvantage of draglinemats is the limited width of 1.0 meter. This allows them to tilt in certain applications. Until now, the suppliers of draglinemats did not have the option of producing a wider mat. Our sister company VM Mats has changed this. We as the lessor include these mats in our rental program. A mat of 1.5 meters wide excels in stability, pressure distribution and therefore safety. Another additional advantage is that the handling costs decrease as does the chance of damage.


We are happy to advise our customers about the right product, this can be done by telephone or on location. You can contact us by our Dutch number +31 (88) 011 87 00 of by our German number +49 (421) 577 80 69 or by mail rental@vm-group.org