In the ongoing development of the current conventional draglinemat, we looked at areas for improvement that emerged from the market, compared to the current draglinemats. These points are the following:

  1. The fit of the steelrot in the borehole is wide, which shortens the lifetime
  2. Cracking (when cutting the wood) at the location of the liftingpoints
  3. Improved stability of the draglinemat due to the limited width of 1 meter
  4. Crumbling of the corners
  5. Traceability of the mat to his owner

VM mats with its draglinemat has an answer to all these points. This makes our mat the best you can buy in the market.

Improvements compared to existing Draglinemats

The fit steelrot borehole

The fit steelrot borehole is important. A close fit ensures that the beams cannot move relative to each other. This keeps the draglinemat tight. The advantage of this is that all beams are actually load-bearing and the mats remains flat, which prevents point loads on the substrate. Because the forces are better distributed, the beams are individually less stressed, so that they break less quickly.

A close fit is also important for the lifespan. Because less wood is removed, the chance of splitting the beams is greatly reduced.


The machining of the VM draglinemats takes place exclusively by means of milling, this prevents tearing. The fiber structure is not abruptly terminated. Sawn draglinemats tear much faster because often the cut continues even further or because the connection between the fibers is suddenly terminated. Milling limits damage and extends the lifespan considerably

production up to 1.5 meters

VM-Mats produces draglinemats as standard up to 1.5 meters wide.

1.5 meter wide mats are more stable and tilt less due to their greater load capacity, statics and higher weight per mat, making them less likely to tilt. This is exactly the purpose for which the mats serves. An additional advantage is decreasing the chance of damage in the work, just like saving on the handling costs. In addition, a dragelinemat can be laid faster in length, which requires fewer mats and provides an economic advantage.

That draglinemats are not yet offered as standard in a 1.5 meter width is because only VM has integrated this concept as a standard. VM mats has removed this barrier so that we can also produce these mats just as easily as the 1.0 meter wide mat.


Rounded corners

(Available from 2020)

Corners of draglinemats are vulnerable with the result that damage can occur. Users of mats indicate that the crumbling and splintering of corners gives a less fresh mat, with the result that the attention and urge to use it sparingly decreases.

Another disadvantage is that pieces of wood can break out more easily due to the splintering of the corners of the mats.

By rounding the corners by means of milling, the view becomes cleaner and shattering is much less likely to occur. Rounded corners therefore contribute to a longer lifespan.

Company name & Serial number

Proof of ownership is often important. It can be a question from a financier or insurer. But it is also just nice to be able to show that it is your property. VM mats therefore adds a serial number and a specified by the customer company name of up to eight characters to each mat.


We are happy to advise our customers about the right product, this can be done by telephone or on location. You can contact us by our number in Germany +49 (421) 577 80 69 or our Number in The Netherlands +31 (88) 011 87 33 or by e-mail: