A large stock of timber combined with a high production capacity means that we can deliver quickly. Because we like to deliver a draglinemat with the name of the owner, we only produce a limited stock. The capacity of our factory makes stocking of prepared draglinemats largely unnecessary.

Draglinemats deliver in consultation with the customer; ex factory, on the project or any intermediate form. We deliver from 1 mat to any desired number. We deliver in Europe and the Middle East and far beyond.

Although our stock of timber is large, it is not inexhaustible, consultation on availability is therefore always in place. If delivery is a problem, we can always offer you a suitable solution through our sister company VM Rental. VM Rental is the world leader in the rental of draglinemats so that we are always reliable concerning delivery.


We are happy to advise our customers about the right product, this can be done by telephone or on location. You can contact us by our number in Germany +49 (421) 577 80 69 or our Number in The Netherlands +31 (88) 011 87 33 or by e-mail: mats@vm-group.org