With 30 years of experience, VM knows what a user wants from Draglinemats. Our sister company VM rental is the world market leader in the rental of Draglinemats. With the know-how that has been gained, VM has started to produce Draglinemats because the current suppliers cannot meet our standards. The improvements we want cannot be entered elsewhere.

VM mats produces a wide range of Draglinemats, from a premium Mat to a budget Mat. All our Draglinemats are produced according to our high standard, which means that the improvements in every Draglinemat are incorporated and delivery is produced according to a high standard. All VM mats bulkheads are therefore Draglinemats 2.0. The VM mats sets the new standard with its Draglinemats.

Prior to the marketing of the VM Draglinemat, a development period of 3 years has commenced which covers both the technology of the Draglinemat and the logistics process.

We will show you the improvements so that you can judge for yourself whether we indeed set the new standard for the delivery of Draglinemats. What we want to report in advance, we are also always financially competitive.