• Which type of wood is best for us to use?
    This question cannot be answered unambiguously. Different circumstances require different types of mats. The lifetime of a mat depends on the type of timber but also on the use. A mat that is not used properly can be destroyed in a few minutes regardless of the timber quality. The customer demand determines what the best matt is. We also look at other things than just the timber quality. This includes spending budget, logistics, required lifetime but also the thickness and length of the draglinemat. Our goal is to offer you the best solution so that you are satisfied and you come back later as a customer.
  • What is the advantage of a 1,5 meter wide draglinemat?
    A draglinemat with a width of 1.5 meters spreads the pressure better over the substrate. The draglinemat is wider and therefore heavier, thereby improving pressure distribution and stability. Laying a road with a 1.0 meter draglinemat is less stable, here is the wider draglinemat with better pressure distribution, stability and a very low risk of tilting a beter solution. A road bild with draglinemats from 1.0 meter wide, the long sides are often damaged by moving crawler vehicles (wear on the edges), resulting in external damage to the end the beams. The 1.5 m wide draglinemats has a advantages here, because the 1.5 m wide draglinemats must be laid along the length of the road and will therefore tilt less. This means that only the head edges are loaded and therefore there is less damage. Another advantage is the installation of less needed draglinemats. Fewer mats means less damage. Draglinemats that are damaged are more likely to be repaired because the replacement value is higher. This reduces the cost of damage because it is economical to repair the draglinemat.
  • Do you also produce other than standard draglinemats?
    Yes we also build “non-standard draglinemats” such as draglinemats with steel rims or in different shapes. We also supply beams and draglinemats for, for example, deck protection.